A better way to relax.

Islander™, The Versatile Beach Towel.

A beach bag, a back pack and a beach towel, all in one.

Pick your spot on the beach or next to the pool, unpack Islander™, and turn your beach bag into a no-slip beach towel. Fit the bag over the back of any beach chair and lay the towel out, conveniently. Because the bag and towel are together as one, it won’t slip behind you. No more 'towel tuck.'

Islander™ is not quite ready for direct-to-consumer sales through our website. If you are interested in ordering Islander™ in large wholesale quantities. Please click the button below.

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Meet Mindy

A hardworking mom was simply tired of her beach towel slipping behind her and ruining a much needed moment of relaxation beside a pool in South Carolina.

She solved that nagging problem with a unique design to keep her beach towel in place. Her solution led to making them for family and friends who insisted they ‘had to have one.’

More and more people wanted Mindy’s towel, so her brother made her the promise to brand her design, take the product to market, and give the world the chance to actually relax while on vacation or by their local pool.


Introducing Islander™, The Versatile Beach Towel, the end to the 'towel tuck', and a better way to relax.

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